Food for Fido Pet Food Drive July 29th – August 15th

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Food for Fido Pet Food Drive July 29th – August 15th

HOPE in Anthem, a mother-daughter non-profit charity has teamed up with Anthem Pets, a local non-profit animal rescue, for Food for Fido Pet Food Drive July 28th – August 15th. Drop off barrels are stationed at PostNet in Anthem located at 3655 W Anthem Way. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm and Saturday from 9am – 3pm. If you need assistance with pick up, please call Anthem Pets at 480-287-3542 or email us at logo (300×300)

When Sabrina Seifert (13 year old, 8th Grade at Anthem Prep) discovered there was a pet food shortage she jumped on the chance to help. HOPE just completed a very successful clothing and supplies drive for the Veterans of Victory Place and Sabrina thought we could be just as successful with HOPE’s 1st food drive for Anthem Pets. Sabrina title
d the drive “Food for Fido”. The ladies of HOPE all work together on the project; creating posters, flyers and promoting Food for Fido.

When HOPE first approached Anthem Pets about partnering on this project, we were thrilled. Many people worry about where their next meal will come from and how they will be able to feed their pets when they have fallen on hard times. This food drive will greatly help those less fortunate. Donations of pet food and treats will be distributed to low-income residents so that dog and
cat food bowls will not go empty this summer. We need help from our caring community to support this program that enables people to not have to choose between self-care and pet care.

The greatest need is for dry food, but all types of pet food, as well as cat litter are appreciated. Every donation will make a difference. Perhaps this will be a great summer program for your adolescents and teens to partner up with friends and family and gather pet food donations from residents and local stores. What a great way to give back this summer!

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